Eagles Mere School

 Jane Park Beachum ’43 wrote a brief history of the Eagles Mere school I thought some might find of interest:
The school…was built in 1904. The first teacher was Perry Bym. In 1911, the school had four teachers and over fifty students. In 1909, the first three students graduated from the three year high school. In 1926, the school went from an 11 year school to a 10 year school. The change was made due to lack of finances, lack of teachers, and too few subjects.
To further you education, you had to go where there was a larger school—many graduates elected to go to Picture Rocks to finish high school; others went to Sonestown.
In 1931, the high school closed, the students went to…Sonestown. In 1944, grades seven & eight went to Sonestown. In 1963 a private residence was built on the site. End
My dad, Robert Dunham, was one of the class of ’29 that drove every day to Hughesville to school, along with Pete Houseknecht, Chris Little, and George Booth.
I wonder where they put all the classes in those days, though I suspect the upstairs of the Eagles Mere School must have been used for the upper grades. It was converted into a stage for student plays in our time.