Eagles Mere Graduates from Hughesville

I am attaching a copy of the Monarch Yearbook from 1931. It was the yearbook for the Hughesville HS class of that year. In those days Eagles Mere’s school dropped the high school classes and the students were able to go to Picture Rocks or Hughesville to HS if they wanted.
 Five of the Eagles Mere guys opted to go to Hughesville. They are still listed as alums of SHHS, and are included in the directory.
The five were:
My dad                                  Robert Dunham
Doug Albertson’s dad         Bob Albertson
Steve Houseknecht’s dad   Pete Houseknecht
Van Booth’s dad                George Booth
Tom Little’s dad                 Chris Little
I recently found the copy of the yearbook while going through some old files, and scanned it.

Tom Dunham